Sunday, June 15, 2008

$.99 Luft Balloons -- UPDATED

Apologies to Nena, but Gymboree's semi-annual Red Balloon sale starts TOMORROW, June 17. I'm no Gymboree expert (there are such people in case you didn't know) but apparently they pull out a ton of stuff from the back and price everything from $.49 to $9.99. So it's obviously a good time to stock up for the winter and future seasons, if you're into Gymbo, of course. Since I'm speculating as to how the sale works, I am illustrating this post with some very cute items that are currently on sale at Gymboree, including the very cute daisy cardigan pictured above, and these pineapple swim trunks.
I also really liked this crochet tank top and boys' patchwork shorts.
If you are going, get there asap before the Gymbo-maniacs get in there and tear up the store.

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Kim said...

Thanks Ashlee!!!! As usual, you ROCK!