Friday, June 27, 2008

It's Easy Being Green

I just received these heavenly cleaning products from our friend Sarah714 at Happy Hippy Baby, which are manufactured by Simple. Pure. Clean. I ordered the six piece kit, which includes bathroom, all-purpose, hardwood floor and glass cleaners, dusting spray and lavender linen spray. These are “all natural cleaning products, containing the power of plant and vegetable based ingredients with pure essential oils added for their cleaning properties and aromatherapy health benefits for you and your family.” The cleaners are phosphate and bleach free, contain no dyes, are biodegradable and contain no synthetic fragrances. But the best part is that they really work! And the linen spray resulted in the most blissful sound sleep I have ever seen from my baby! They are $43.50 for six huge bottles, and shipping is free.

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