Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm Down With OPE

Sigh. When will my Etsy obsession end? It seems like every day I see things on there that I never even thought I liked, but I then become determined to own. Like the beautiful fused glass and enamel jewelry by Orange Peel Enamel, including the ring shown above. Here is how she describes the painstaking process of creating fused glass jewelry:

"The design on this pendant has been made by applying enamel (basically finely ground glass) onto glass which is then fused in a kiln to about 1500 degrees. (The design is not a laser printer decal.)A typical glass firing is several hours long to slowly bring the glass up to and down from the peak temperature, ensuring proper annealing. This prevents internal stresses from being formed within the glass which may otherwise cause the glass to crack or break. All of my glass pieces have undergone multiple firings to achieve the desired appearance, including an additional firing for every enamel color used and edge grinding/shaping between firings."

Here's something else I love -- her very cool pendants:

Please, oh please, Etsy sellers. Start making some garbage so I won't want to buy it.

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