Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Latest Purchase (Someone Cut Me Off, Please!)

This is the problem with selling on Etsy. People pay you with PayPal and it starts adding up, and then you think, "wow, free money." Except it's not free since it is supposed to either go toward the crafting supplies you bought or your child's college fund like you originally intended . . . but I digress. I just bought the most fabulous Etsy purchase -- the ICKY Bag (tm) by Petunias. It is a big, beautiful bag available in lots of fab fabrics, including ones on the seller's Flickr site, and lined with some space-age stuff called Fabuthane (what a great name) that is used for waterproofing and fungus reduction. It's for holding a wet swimsuit, used cloth diapers, or really anything that you don't want touching your dry things. I am so excited to get it!!!!

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