Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Summer Obsession: The Beach Towel

Look, you can get a beach towel just about anywhere. I even saw some at the grocery store. So this post is not about where to find the best bargain or even the best quality. I just love beach towels. I am drawn to them like a kid to a fresh pack of crayolas. Here are some of my faves, starting with the Missoni one above (since we all know I am obsessed with Missoni). It's about $175 (!!!) at Saks Fifth Avenue. However, if the Missoni doesn't float your boat and you've got some extra cash lying around, may I introduce this lovely Gucci, steeply reduced in price to $200 on Bluefly.

In a more realistic vein, check out these adorable sea creature towels by Tommy Hilfiger at Macy's. They are about $30 and super cute. Suitable for girl or boy. I have a TH beach towel I bought at the outlets a few years back, and the quality is really great.

I also own a Land's End beach towel (not this pattern), and it is also high quality. I'll have it for a long time. Land's End may not be the mecca of hipness, but they always have gorgeous beach towels, like this one. Sigh. About $20. (PS - They also have one that comes with stakes/sand pockets to hold it down flat).

Father's Day gift alert. How cool is this gigantic fish towel from LL Bean. This would make a great gift I think, especially if you don't have the funds available to purchase an electronic gadget! About $20.

And, finally, my home away from home, the love of my life, Target. Of course they have lots of towels. I checked them out. The velour towels (velour on one side, terry on the other) were pretty nice. I personally prefer terry on both sides, but the velour ones are soft for babies. I didn't see this one in the store, but it looks really nice and is gigantic in size. Actually all the towels in this post are gigantic.

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