Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Here Comes The Sun

So, Rebecca turned me on to the One Step Ahead baby/toddler/kid shopping site. I am in love with this site. They have products you can't find elsewhere, excellent prices, helpful reviews and a free magazine subscription for purchases over $75. Plus they accept PayPal. Considering that I live on the surface of the sun (figuratively) here in Austin, I am always looking for products to keep the sun off the baby. And I need those products to take to the beach, too. I really love OSA's stroller canopy shown above. The reviews say it is wind resistant (another problem here), and at $25 it's a lot cheaper than buying a new stroller.
I'm thinking this sun cabana, which got great reviews, may be helpful at the beach. While baby does NOT like to be "confined," she equally dislikes having the sun in her face or glaring off the sand. So she may hang out in here. I know I will. The cabana currently is on sale for about $30.

I am super-excited about these Sun Smarties rashguards (about $13) and swimsuits. Not only do they have SPF 50 sun protection, but the suits (boys and girls styles) have built-in swim diapers! Woo hoo! Just be sure to order big, because the reviews say they run very small. These are also about $13, which is cheap considering how much you can save on swim diapers.

Check it out. They have lots of stuff on sale right now and free shipping on orders over $100. And if you spend too much, blame Rebecca!

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