Monday, July 21, 2008

IKEA: Swedish For "Rad"

Mary and I went to IKEA today in search of picture frames and a desk lamp for the office project referenced in my Craft Blog. Here are some of the rad items we saw (all at excellent prices, of course). At the top is the Skruvsta Chair. I can't really pronounce it, but I would like to have it for my office.
The 100 percent wool Hedda rug, also available with green pattern.
The very cool Imfors coffee table, which I am determined to get and then find the perfect location in which to put it.
What I ended up buying: the Fjallsta frame. I am going to make an all-white matte and insert some of the Marimekko postcards shown in a previous post -- my awesome Mom surprised me with them as a gift. Woot.

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