Monday, July 7, 2008

Slick Ride

This is the Kettler Kettrike Air Navigator Tricycle. It costs $209. This is more than some of our parents probably paid for a car at one time. I really want to find one on Craig's List because it gets great reviews. Plus our neighbor has one, and her 13 month old seems to love it. My kid won't ride in a stroller around the neighborhood anymore, but this might be just the ticket. Let me know if you find a used one! Available with free Super Saver shipping at Amazon.


charlie&gracie said...

we have this one by radio flyer:

it looks alot like the kettler and I love that we can steer it. I know the kettler is much better quality probably, but I think we got ours for about $40 at target, and charlie and gracie both love to ride it now! The steer feature on the handle is a must no matter what brand you buy!

Angela said...

I a Kettler, but it was around $100-150 from One Step Ahead...I think they different models and some are less..