Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fashion Plates Redux

Oh how I loved my fashion plates. Some of you will remember them -- you mixed and matched two to three "plates" of miscellaneous fashions and hairstyles, transferred them onto paper with a little squeegee holding a black crayon and then colored them in.

For a similar experience in the virtual world, visit Polyvore. It's a site that allows you to create a look by mixing and matching clothing and accessory images from the web. While it's not the tactile sensation you get with fashion plates, it nevertheless is addictive. And you can look at and comment on thousands and thousands of outfits (called "sets") created by other fashion addicts. Here's a set I created:

This set used images already on Polyvore (there are tons), but you can also import images from any website. So here's what I created: Tory Burch top; French Connection slacks; Burberry studded sandals (someone please buy these for me); Fendi clutch; and Ippolita bracelets, ring and earrings. Swoon!

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