Thursday, October 2, 2008

Heaven Scent (Part 1)

A looooooong time ago, I promised my friend Erin that I would compile a list of my favorite scents, since I tend to spend more time than the average person shopping for/exploring/smelling scents. I don't think I ever did it, but now I'll at least make a start. Here are three of my favorites. You can find actual descriptions of the fragrance notes on the websites.

Hamptons by Bond No. 9 is what I wear in the summer. It's fresh and has a hint of basil in the mix.

Quercus by Penhaligon's is my workday scent because the strongest notes evaporate quickly, and what remains is a clean smell, like you showered with really expensive soap.

Miss Marisa by Ebba Los Angeles, in the roll-on perfume oil format, is just a sweet treat. I can't really explain what it smells like, except to say that you can't stop smelling your own wrist when you're wearing it. According to Ebba, it is comprised of plum blossoms, cassis, waterlily and mint.

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