Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ridiculous Stamp Obsession

You know, at some point I should probably post some evidence of actual crafting, as opposed to the hoarding of craft supplies. Lately, I am obsessed with stamps, especially hand-carved stamps, which are very popular on Etsy. My favorite stampers are Craft Pudding and Corrabelle (ladies, if you are reading, feel free to send some samples to my very popular and successful blog haha). Here are some of my latest faves. And also the fabulous Eames stamps I got from my mom for my birthday yesterday (available at Amazon) and some paint texture stamps I have my eye on (also from Amazon).

Pinecone by Norajane:

Lotus by Owlbaby8069:

Mason Jar by Sugarskull7:

Mod Flower by Blossom Stamps:

Stand Mixer by Corrabelle:

Christmas Tree by Craft Pudding:

Free Range Rooster by Nikoart:

My awesome Eames stamps:

Paint effect stamps:


Bizzy Bee Creations said...

LOVE them! I have a major stamp addiction...maybe we could get help together :) Or better yet...just come to SoCal again and we can be crafty tohgether!!

Off to spend more $$$ at Etsy!!

Mel said...

you make me want to become a stamper! these are so pretty!

Kaden Weis said...

That mason jar stamp is amazing!