Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Random Gifts For Husbands, Part I

No, this is not a post about electronics of any kind, computer games, awesome sporting equipment, etc. It seems like they buy most of that stuff themselves anyway. Here are a few less expensive, seemingly random gift ideas for husbands. Some I have bought with great success, and others I will be buying this year.
The Zapi Toothbrush Sanitizer, from The Container Store, about $30.

Weather resistant grill and outdoor furniture cover from Lillian Vernon. About $20 per item, and almost as nice as the fancy covers from places like Frontgate.
Peppered pork tenderloin from Bearcreek Smokehouse. Yummy. $25 per for one pound.

Ew. The grossest picture you will ever see on this blog, I'm guessing. But delicious peppered turkey jerkey from New Braunfels Smokehouse. $34 per pound.

Even if your man is not the metrosexual type, he will love this citrus shaving foam from eShave. About $20 for a big ole tub at Dermstore and other online retailers.

Really nice looking wood CD cabinets from Lillian Vernon with pull out drawers. Compact enough to set on a desk or on shelves. $40 each.

GG Bailey makes car mats to custom fit almost any make and model of car. They come in several colors, in rubber (my preference) or carpet (shown below) and can be monogrammed for the flashy type. Prices vary.

Apparently, Bliss no longer sells the Big Blue Bar soap by itself, so you may have to keep the "Super Slough Scrub" for yourself. BUT, I know lots of men who secretly love this soap, and it has scrubby nubs on the back. Available from Bliss Spa for about $44.

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