Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine Blog Love: Tangarang

Today's blog love goes out to the awesome Kira of Tangarang. Professionally, she sells awesome handmade party goodies, and she shares all kinds of craftiness, recipes and free downloads of her graphic designs on her fun blog. Thanks so much Kira! Is it wrong that I want to leave work immediately, drive home and try to make this adorable sequined lion, following Kira's tutorial? She mentions possibly selling kits for these . . . Doooooo it!

I also love these fun lanterns, which were made from empty cannisters. Wouldn't these look great placed all around at an outside party?

Here is one of my favorite free downloads: a super-organized planning list. The problem, of course, is actually completing the tasks on the list...oh well.

(All images are property of Tangarang.) Stay tuned for more blog love this Valentiney week.

1 comment: said...

I LOVE Tangarang! She has the most amazing projects!