Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I am having a really weird week and have no time to make anything, read anything, do anything useful or online shop. So I present to you a collage of Etsy goodness related to my favorite animal, the friendly, fuzzy and adorably obstinate donkey. I hope you enjoy my momentary lack of focus. Top row: "Donkey On Strike" vintage figurine from Lookonmytreasures; sweet sleeping donkey photograph by Madrin Photography; That Donkey vintage book from Kelly's Vintage Goods. Middle row: "The Desert Donkey" art photo by Blue Citrus Art; vintage donkey needlepoint from Vintage Venatic; "Daring Donkey" art print by Stinkerpants. Bottom row: dish towel embroidered with vintage pattern by Tattletale Boutique; No-Good The Dancing Donkey (not a very nice title, but a cute picture) vintage book from Grandmother's Attic; hand-felted donkey with hen by Pleasantview Wool Arts.


Doris the Great said...

I "lurf" the new look. Very pretty. I used to love the donkey, but then I lived next to one for a few years. They like to bray at all times of the day (and night!!) for absolutely no reason. And then, some days, they just feel like walking thru your veggie garden and won't move for you. Yeah --- they're not my favorite animal any more.

Richard said...

Love your site and blog. We do like the donkeys but don't have to live with them either.

Thanks for including our donkey dish cloth.