Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Simple Plea To Denyse Schmidt

Denyse Schmidt: Please re-release Flea Market Fancy. I will wash your car. I will wash your dog. I will hang your Christmas lights. Please. That is all.

Especially this print:

And this one:

In the meantime, I'll probably buy this from Amazon:


Anonymous said...

Oh you must be serious. offering to hang Christmas Lights.. Thats big! hahaha

Anna Lindsey Sailer O'Reilly said...

Those fabrics are stunning!

amybluestar said...

I adore her fabrics. I have four sitting here right now and I'm contemplating Mod Podging a dresser. .


Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

ditto. ditto. ditto.

Cassie @ You Go Girl said...

Oh, could we start a petition or something. That's what we used to do in junior high when we wanted something real bad. I love this fabric lots and lots!