Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stash Week Day 1: Kid Craft Supplies

When you have no time to create, organize! I have been trying to get the craft room all cleaned up and ready for lots of future creating (that I'll be doing in all my spare time . . . whenever that happens). So I thought I would share with you the contents of my craft supply stash. Today we are looking at the kid craft supply drawer. Since my little girl is only 2 (almost three), there hasn't been a whole of lot of crafting other than coloring, painting and sticking stickers. But I have high hopes. And now everything is organized and ready.

1. An adult-sized sneaker box is the perfect size for fitting most of the kid craft stuff, like pom-poms, glitter paint, stamps and ink pads, pipe cleaners, beads, popsicle sticks, a glue stick and safety scissors.

2. I got some of these awesome Martha Stewart Crafts kits at Big Lots ($2 each, woo!), and my friend Christina bought me some too without me knowing it! Now that is a real friend -- someone who knows you well enough to know you'd prefer these over just about any other present.

3. A gigantic stack of multi-colored construction paper that will last until your child is in high school can be purchased from Costco for about $8. Seriously. I have been using this stack since 2004, and it's still about eight inches high.

4. These little craft kits -- necklaces with wooden beads, etc. -- sell for $1 at Michael's and JoAnn. Not expensive, but they put them in the clearance bin eventually (especially at JoAnn), and you can get them for $.25 to $.50. I was thinking this would be an easy birthday party craft for littler kids.

5. Miscellaneous stuff goes over here. I have some old-school scrapbooking supplies (before the days of all the matching, fancy coordinating stuff) from Big Lots, some little paint-by-number kits she got for Christmas and travel-sized Color Wonder coloring books.

I'd love to hear your ideas for kid craft supplies. Come back the rest of the week to see more stash.


Rusty said...

I love this! Great to see parents doing crafty thing with their children at home! And keeping it organised too, what a supermum!

LollyChops said...

Oh how I would love a little girl to future craft with! That sounds dreamy. I love that you are already planning for her crafty adventures with you!

I used to craft with my mom (started painting rocks when I was 4). It's the best!

Heather said...



I fear I must have misplaced or thrown away my stash of that Organizing stuff.


Thank goodness one of us is on the ball!

Mod Podge Amy said...

I want a little girl to craft with too! :D

Your cool friend, Cheryl said...

I have a 3 yr old son and we still get to craft...his newest fascination is cutting.

I'm not nearly as organized as you, though. I just have plastic tubs of different supplies (markers, Play-Doh, etc) and paper and coloring books in our pantry.