Thursday, January 14, 2010

Stash Week Day 4: Paper

Oh how I love paper. Any kind of paper. Scrapbook paper, origami paper, handmade paper, cardstock, you name it. I keep most of it in a drawer in the built-in island I mentioned yesterday. My favorite scrapbook paper has come from Michael's or Hobby Lobby, but I also have some Martha Stewart Crafts paper from Wal-Mart that I love. I get pads instead of individual sheets because I just can't see paying $.60 or more for a sheet, even when they are marked down. And I have to completely avoid scrapbooking stores for the same reason. I also keep cardstock in this drawer. I have lots of white cardstock that I use to print out all the wonderful free downloads from the internet, but I have some other colors too that I use for cards, etc.

This drawer has card-making stuff, as well as stationery. The stationery sets, including those awesome Marimekko notecards, were received as gifts. A wonderful gift if you ask me. There is also a stack of blank cards and envelopes purchased from Target (store brand) for 75 percent off. The quality of the paper is excellent, and you can just slap a printed out photo on the front and have an instant card. Awesome for keeping up with grandparents. There are also some blank cards from the Target dollar spot before I imposed a moratorium on visiting that particular aisle. Way in the back is a box of blank little notecards and envelopes I got from Kate's Paperie in NYC. All you have to do is punch a design in the corner or at the top of one of these babies (or stick on a sticker or stamp something on the card) and you have an instant cute notecard. I've seen similar sets at Target from time to time.

Here is our all-in-one color printer, which we also use for work. The magazine files on the right have regular printer paper, white cardstock and Avery label sheets for printing address labels.

Last but not least, in this out of the way drawer I keep scrap cardboard, such as the backs off of scrapbook paper pads, inserts from kids' toys, cut up cereal boxes, etc. You can cut or punch it and use it like chipboard (instead of having to buy chipboard). I also use it to make templates for fabric appliques. Then you can use them over and over again without having to make a new pattern everytime.
Come back tomorrow for some more stash! Off to watch the premiere of Project Runway -- woo!


Veronica said...

I want to come play at your house. Miss you!

Alison said...

I love seeing inside your house! And I absolutely love the fabric bunting behind your desk. Will you teach us how to make it? Pretty please?

Stephanie said...

I love seeing all your "stash week" posts! It's nice to get fun ideas to arrange and rearrange my area!

Katie said...

Hey Ashlee, just wanted to pop on by and say Happy New Year and that I've been enjoying seeing all your crafty stash goodies:)