Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weekend Product Round-up

You know how stores put all the "home organization" stuff on sale in January? Turns out they also put a lot of cleaning supplies on sale or excellent coupons. That's how I came to purchase this basil-scented Mrs. Meyer's counter spray. As it turns out, I liked it so much that I have to run out and buy a bunch before the markdown ends. Besides being chemical-free, it smells awesome (like a fresh salad) and it really bubbles up so you don't have to use that much to get everything clean. You should be able to find this at most grocery stores and some Targets and online.

I also love this broccoli slaw. There are other brands, but this Mann's is my favorite of several I've tried. Its a combination of about 95 percent shredded broccoli, with some shredded carrots and purple cabbage. I love it for two reason. First, broccoli is a superfood, but I don't really love eating it the traditional way. So I use this instead of lettuce as the base for a salad and just put on my favorite toppings and dressing. Yum. Second, I put about 1/3 cup in a bowl, cut it into bite-sized pieces with scissors, mix in about a teaspoon of low-fat Ranch dressing and, voila, a healthy green veggie that your toddler will actually eat. You can print a $.55 coupon here.

The last thing I tried recently is the Teas' Tea brand of teas. I prefer the gigantic bottle of Jasmine Green tea, but I can only find it at Target. I love this tea. It's unsweetened green tea, which is so good for you, but it actually tastes good. It really all comes down to how much you want to spend. It is obviously a lot cheaper to buy green tea bags and make your own, but if you are willing to part with about $5 (yes, $5), you can have a big jug of this stuff. I just buy one every once in a while as a special treat.

I hope you have a lovely weekend!


Kat said...

I love that cleaner. It smells so good!!!

plumblossomlane said...

You are a woman after my own heart! I love broccoli slaw too instead of lettuce. On a sandwich is the best! YUM! And better for you than lettuce too.