Sunday, June 8, 2008

Angela, My Sweet

Angela Adams is creating new classics with her funky, 50's-style prints that can now be found on everything from her popular rugs to her tile collection for Ann Sacks to beach totes, like the one pictured above. Herewith, some of my current favorites.
I would love to wrap up in this luscious, oversize beach towel.

This fab melamine tray is perfect for serving strawberry daquiris poolside.

My all-time favorite Angela Adams print, Kenga, translated into a hard-backed journal. I would probably use this as a telephone/address book.

This is so exciting! The "mini" cotton rugs pictured above (other colors/patterns also available), sized 2'x3', are on sale! Woot! They would make a perfect bath mat....Now if I could just get my DH to rip up the carpet in our bathroom!

All of the items pictured are available at the Angela Adams online store.

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b. said...

Angela Adams rocks!!