Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Garden Of (Fabric) Temptation

Why do I even go there? I can think of few things I need LESS than MORE fabric. Yet, it's an obsession. Like people who hoard matchbooks, wine corks or cats. In any event, Fabric Supplies is one of the best fabric stores not only on Etsy, but in general. They have TONS of stock, most of which is about $7.50 a yard, and their shipping is totally accurate -- not based on number of items or price. Here are some of my current faves. Feel free to purchase, because I DON'T NEED TO!

Alexander Henry Starlings in Pink, which makes me think fondly/wistfully of my dear friend Anne.

I am really into patterns that are so "traditional" or folksy as to be over the top. The first two are from My Folklore by Lecien (imported from Japan): Trellis in Light and Birds in Black. The third is Floral Stripe in Blush by Heather Ross.

Heather Bailey Bijoux, Mod Beads in Lime. Fine. I admit it. I already have some of this for Spring/Summer pants I plan to make for baby.

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Suzie said...

I love that first AH fabric - it was my second choice for rexanna's bedding set - thanks to YOU!

I miss anne, too. :(