Thursday, December 25, 2008


I hope everyone enjoyed a lovely Christmas. Here are some of my favorite prezzies of the day, courtesy of my sister. First up, this fab, oversized and much needed pin cushion, with vintage fabric on one side and cream colored corduroy on the other, by Etsy seller Blue Hair Knits.

Second, an adorable birdlike creature by Jellycat, which my sister bought my little girl during a stopover in Paris on her awesome Hungary trip last month. Ooh la la! (You can also find Jellycat plushies at Monkey Bean Toys online).

Last but not least, an item that encompasses two of my all-time favorite things: gummi candy and Smurfs. There is no way I am eating them. Despite my sister's reassurances that we can have more sent in from Hungary. (UPDATE!!!! You can order a whole tub of these babies from German Deli online).

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