Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Adios, Martha

No, the magazine isn't folding (unlike all my other faves....love you Domino, Craft....mean it). BUT I am having a major de-cluttering moment and am actually pulling out all the stuff I want from 10 years of Marthas and putting them into fancy binders, like the ones Glue Gun Annie did (thanks for the inspiration). I'll post pictures when it's all organized. I know this is sacrilege to some, but I had to get all that stuff out of my craft room. It's on its way to recycle as we speak.


Karli said...

I've done something like this too. I went through and only pulled out the pages that inspired me. Of course, that was most of the magazine. But I saved them all in a folder so as to be inspired whenever I opened the folder! Love your blog by the way.

Katie said...

OMG don't make my heart stop like that! I thought for a sec you were going to say it was folding too!

I've been doing that for years and it is a huge help. I saved some of the prettiest covers attached stick on label dividers on them to use as the section dividers. Very cute and now I'm oh so organized!

I gave you an award in today's post and put a pic of the bracelets you made within it.

Mrs Whiskey Sierra said...

I'm following you... closely. Very closely. ;)


Melissa ~ A BumbleBaby Mommy said...

I love doing this! Brad makes terrible fun of me but I enjoy it!