Friday, February 27, 2009

Five Etsy Favorites: Abstract Art

You might have seen a couple of these before, because I posted about the artists when I bought something from them. I would so love to have artistic abilities, but I don't. Maybe that's why I have 20-something pages of artist favorites on Etsy. For example, I love these bubbles with a woody-looking texture from Goodbloom:

JennSki, how I love thee.

I am the proud owner of two Krista Peel prints. I think I need this one too, though.
Oh how I love Rachel Austin. I already have one of her tulip prints in my living room, but now I want this one, too!

Okay, so technically these gorgeous peonies by Yumi Yumi aren't abstract, but I love them anyway. I think this print has been on my favorites list for about two years. I should probably just go ahead and buy one.


Anonymous said...

i love all of them, but the bubbles are my favorite!

Katie said...

Only 20 favorite sellers? I think I have ten pages or so of sellers I ♥.

Ashlee said...

Katie -- 20 pages of artists....49 pages total of favorite sellers. I am a little too passionate about etsy I think.