Monday, April 20, 2009

Easy DIY Lamp Makeover

Contrary to my husband's claims, I did not PURGE all of his things when we married and combined households almost six years ago. I did keep some things. Like this plain white lamp. I needed a little something for the spare bedroom, so I decided to fix up this lamp. I cut a strip of fabric about four inches wide and long enough to go all the way around the lamp with an extra inch or so of overlap. Then I made a little mark in pencil at the center of the lamp so the fabric strip would be center. I didn't sand or anything. I just slapped some Mod Podge onto the lamp and laid the fabric down on it. I smoothed as I went along to keep the fabric from gapping or having any air bubbles. Once it was dry, I used fabric glue to glue a piece of black grosgrain ribbon around the top and bottom of the fabric section. I added a new lamp shade from Target, et voila!