Monday, April 13, 2009

Recent Fabric Favorites

I was perusing J. Caroline Creative, trying to restrain myself from making any purchases, and spotted a few fabrics that I "need."

1. Red Joyful Damask by Michael Miller fabrics. 2. Garden Friends Zig Zag Zoo in Mint by Jay McCarroll for Free Spririt fabrics. 3. Petal Flower Dot by Robert Kaufman fabrics. 4. Espresso Mingle Dot by Robert Kaufman fabrics. While there, I also spotted some ribbon I need, such as this fabulous Orange Waved Dots by Keri Beyer. It's sold in a 25-yard roll -- anybody want to go in on it with me???


LollyChops said...

ummm.... yeah I hear ya. I personally need 2, 3 & 4. Esp 2 and 3 and def 4. heh...

All great pics. I can hardly keep my mouse from adding things to my shopping cart when I am on that site! Esp when I spot a sale... mmmmmmm sales!

Claire said...

I like 3 & 4! So cute!