Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Miscellaneous Dollhouse Info

Hi there. I'm still plugging away on the dollhouse project. It has been pretty hard to find furnishings because of the scale of the house. I considered pretending it was a regular 1/12 scale dollhouse with really high ceilings, but that seems goofy. So, I just going to hunt for things here and there and try to make everything else. I did find this adorable vintage book about how to make your own dollhouse furniture in a stack of my old stuff at my parents' house. Here is my vintage first grade penmanship from inside the front cover. Awwww.

Anyway, if you do have a normal scale dollhouse, Michael's has these incredibly detailed unfinished china cabinet/bookcases for $1. These are so cute but would look liliputian in my dollhouse.

I also found these little wooden construction toys for $1 each at Michael's. Perfect for the little fake dollhouse kids to play with. I'm going to paint them in primary colors with metallic accents.

Lastly, I found these little unpainted wooden chests at Hobby Lobby during a 1/2 off all unpainted wood sale. One will be the toy box and one will be a larger table/chest for the living room or master bedroom.

From here on out, I am hoping to make as much as I can and/or buy it second-hand and/or scavenge it from my childhoood dollhouse that is at my parents' house. I also wanted to mention again my favorite dollhouse blog, Mini Modern. The author has stopped posting new items, but I have been stalking the archives. I would love to have some modern pieces like these to mix with more traditional ones in the dollhouse I'm working on.


Anna said...

Super cute. I love the word liliputian, we call my second daughter's head size liliputian.

Heather said...

Keep going Ashlee! Keep going! I'm on the sidelines cheering you on! Can you see me? I'm the one jumping up and down, waving all about, making a menace in public. But it's out of love, so it's ok. But go! Go! GO!

kawaii crafter said...

If you're looking for some unique pieces for the dollhouse, you might want to check out Remment. Trust me, you wont be dissapointed.


Daiso also has cute inexpensive Japanese Doll House furniture.

Kate said...

I just discovered your blog and LOVE all of your creative ideas! I've always wanted to make a dollhouse!!!! Maybe that will go on my 2010 project list....hmmmm

amybluestar said...

Hmmmm, I like your bigger dollhouse. I'm going to have to contribute something to this project, like Mod Podge for the dollhouse kids! xo