Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Product Reviews

Hi! Looking for a craft post? Um, yeah. I am STILL painting/coating that gigantic dollhouse. Every spare minute. I guess the plus side of using craft paint is that it's super cheap (especially now that Michael's has my favorite, Folk Art by Plaid on sale for $.89 this week), but the downside is that it takes forever because you need multiple coats. In any event, here are my reviews of some products I used at home this weekend since there was no crafting to blog about. Yes, I just ended a sentence with a preposition. I'm tired.

These are the three main products I've used on the dollhouse, all by Plaid. The first is Folk Art paint, which you can get at any craft store. They have an awesome selection of colors, even metallics. I like it alot because it doesn't get gross and separate as much as other craft paints. The second is the supremely awesome Mod Podge Hard Coat, which is meant to be used on wood, furniture, etc., for a strong finish. I love this stuff. It give a nice shiny finish and dries quickly. The consistency is the same as regular Mod Podge, so it's easy to work with. (Another preposition at the end of a sentence.) The only bad thing is it can be hard to find. I found some at Hobby Lobby though, and you can order it online. The last product is the fabulous Patricia Nimocks spray varnish. This stuff is amazing and keeps your painted wood from being sticky. I got this at Michael's.

Yesterday, I also got a new mop at Target -- this O'Cedar Pro Scrub Sponge Roller Mop with the scrubby brush on the back. It was on sale this week for $7.99. I really liked this mop because if there is a stubborn spot, you can just flip it over and scrub with the scrub brush. My only complaint was that I wish the scrubby bristles extended beyond the width of the mop to get in closer to the floor boards. Overall, totally worth $8.

For mopping, I used Fabuloso cleanser, which i also got at Target. I prefer to use chemical-free products, but I made an exception because I heard this worked well. Instead of getting the traditional lavender scent, I got the super-powered "Oxy" kind in "Fresh" scent (they also have Pine). I didn't see that it worked any better than other products I've used on the floor, and the smell wasn't particularly pleasant. So I'd only buy this if it was on sale or I had a coupon or something. Maybe the other scents are better, too.

I have been craving pancakes, but I controlled myself and didn't drive over to IHOP like I wanted to. Instead, I busted out my box of Fiber One pancake mix that I have been excited to try. Boo. It was awful! I am so sad, because I love all the other Fiber One products I've tried. It does not require eggs, which seemed strange, but I figured there were dried eggs in the mix. In any event, the batter is watery and the pancakes don't hold together -- what you'd expect from no eggs. It was a big flop, but I'll probably try it once more before chucking the whole box. Next time I'll stick with my all-time favorite mix, Aunt Jemima's Whole Wheat Pancake Mix. Now that is yummy. PS -- Apparently I am alone in my dislike of this product. You can find lots of praise for it on the internet, like here.

Have a lovely week!


Mod Podge Amy said...

I love your review! ;p

Also, please make me pancakes

Mama Jane said...

I've never tried the Fiber One pancake mix...I saw it for the first time recently while grocery shopping and thought that it was interesting. I'm glad to hear your opinion before I invested a lot of money in this for food storage.

I did want to mention that there are other complete pancake mixes out there. I don't know if dried eggs are in some of them, but just water is added. We usually use the Krustez brand and like it really well.

Your cool friend Cheryl said...

Thanks for the reviews! I love the Fiber One granola bars they have at Costco. I've been low-carbing it and miss them so much!

You crack me up with the "I just ended a sentence with a preposition"...I thought I was the only old-fashioned girl who was bothered by improper English! :)

Heather said...

So Fiber One pancakes are out. But Mod Podge hard finish is in.

I call that a successfully productive weekend!

Especially since you are that much closer to being finished with the dollhouse. You ARE that much closer, correct? *hugs for your dedication!*