Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Some Applique Inspiration

I have nothing new to report except that yesterday was the hardest workout I ever have had. Seriously. First of all, my heartrate has not been that consistently high since I was in utero. Second of all, I was so exhausted afterward that I felt like I had the flu. And for all that effort I only burned 413 calories according to my heart rate monitor! Anyway, looking at the soothing colors of fine quilting fabric gives me a natural high like no over-the-top workout can. So here is a little collage of some of the appliqued onesies I used to sell on Etsy. I still make them for gifts and occasionally sell to friends. If I am able to lift my arms to type, I'll see you tomorrow! XOXO


MB said...

I love these! Will you share your applique design templates?

Ashlee said...

MB -- Thanks! here's the method I use:
As I mentioned in that tutorial, for font templates, I usually just print something out from Word (or one of the free font sites on the internet) and enlarge it on the printer. Lately, I've been tracing chipboard letters and numbers and using those for my templates. For shapes like the heart and crown, I either use something I have already, like a crown-shaped cookie cutter, or I freehand something.